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Join us for coffee...

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We started Brakeman’s Coffee & Supply to offer our community a chance to slow down.

On the railroad, the Brakeman was the person who kept the train under control.  Engineers were heralded cultural icons, tasked with going faster.  The Brakemen took up their quiet jobs at the back of the train tasked and determined to keep everyone safe.  So who are today’s Brakemen and women, helping us to slow down, to reflect, to think, and meditate?  In a world of fast food, we seek to offer slow culture coffee and a chance to consider that faster, harder, more isn’t always better.

We are committed to Keeping Matthews Slow, not to halt any progress, but to ensure our rush is just that…progress.  So we offer our community a warm smile, a great cup of coffee and space to write, talk, laugh, relax…if only for a brief stop in a busy day.

So hit the brakes, slow down, grab a cup of coffee.  Let the Brakeman slow you just a tad,  so you’ll have the power to smell the roses, not just the coffee.

02Great Staff and Baristas

While our groove and ethos leans to the slow side, our service and internet connection does not!

Our Baristas will craft artisan coffee for you whether you need it on the go or can chill with us for a while.  Our staff is trained not only to make great coffee, but to do it with kindness.  We’ve read all the coffee industry stuff on turning tables and keeping customers moving to boost sales and we’ve instructed our Baristas to IGNORE it all and encourage you to stay as long as possible.  Coffee is both a science and an art full of opinion, exactitude, nuance, experience and culture.

So while we hope and think our art (each cup we present) is beautiful, tasteful, creative, fun and inspiring; we also hope that the humble spirit and smile that came with it is even better and more refreshing than the coffee itself.

03Sourcing Great Coffee

We picked our coffee supply partners at Summit Coffee Co. (Davidson, NC) and Methodical Coffee (Greenville, SC) out of an impressive field of coffee artisans both local and afar.  While there’s a lot of quality coffee out there, we feel pretty great about our roasting and selection partners at both Summit and Methodical.  They are simultaneously fanatical about coffee,  yet they both have a cool, laid-back approach to coffee that makes them fun to see and work along side.

Our beans from both are roasted fresh each week, carefully and sustainably sourced (often from small lot family farms) with our input and our partners’ expertise. We think splitting our house between these two artisan coffee partners offers our customers both great variety and a solid chance to pick a winner no matter which cup they choose on a given day.